Who can become a partner?

We will be happy to cooperate with you if:

  • You have a site;
  • You have browser plug-ins with a base of 1000 users;
  • You are the owner of the software;

How to connect to the system?

In your personal account you will receive data for integration. Detailed information will be provided by the support team.

Payments to Partners

Payments are made in rubles to Webmoney (R) (enter your wallet number in your personal account). The minimum amount of payment is 100 rubles. Payment is made on Mondays.

What types of monetization do you have?

We use different kinds of monetization that look as natively as possible and do not annoy users. For example: Contextual advertising, In-text, White space, Re-targeting, messenger, promo post and others.

How to increase your earnings and what does it depend on?

Your earnings directly depend on the number of your users and GEO. To get the maximum income, we recommend to increase your users base and expand GEO.

How to add / change a wallet?

You can specify your wallet when you sign up. To change your wallet please contact support team.

How to earn on the Referral Program?

We pay 7% of the income received by your partners.

Are there GEO restrictions?

No, there aren't. We guarantee high payments from worldwide traffic.

How often is the statistics update?

  • Statistics updates every 10 minutes;
  • Sales statistics updates twice a day;

If you have another question or suggestion

Contact Skype support:

icon live:extland